Recycling for Artists

First off, congratulation on finding the hidden page! So you're wondering WTF is this page about? Haha it's me (Dina Situ/SilverDragon) trying to save the world...AND because I have nothing better to do.
Being an artist its quite hard to be environmentally friendly.  Because...you know... most of the stuff you use to create your art with are either toxic or...wasteful or...expensive (can't quite find the right word right now).

So here are some ideas that will help you save money AND help the Earth:

  1. Draw on "good-on-one-side" paper if you're just going to scan and CG it.  By "good-on-one-side" I mean paper that are either printer rejects or it's still in good condition except there's a scribble on one side. Oh yes, they are also good for doodles and rough works

  2. If you go to an art school like me, do a walk around at the end of the school day and you'll be surprised at how many people leaves good condition, large scraps of illustration boards, and good quality paper behind for janitors to throw in the garbage.  Yeah...take them, but make sure the person is not coming back for them.

  3. Just squeeze enough paint per painting.  Don't squeeze a blob of paint the size of your palm if you're not going to paint for 300 hr straight.  Get in the habit of preserving the paints so you can use it again at a later time.

  4. Make your own sketch books from those stacks of paper (most likely near a printer or photocopier going in the recycling bin.  Ask before taking a stack and tell the person you want to use it for rough work (usually they'll allow it, even at print shops).  Take the stack and keep it in a clipboard of sorts.

  5. Reuse your canvas if you can.  Sometimes if you don't like a painting, don't throw out the whole canvas, just paint a new one right on top of it.

  6. Try to use re-fill-able ink pens, markers, etc.  Buy a nice brand, since you'll be using it for awhile.

  7. Take care of your brushes! and wash them well! So many people don't have the patience to wash their brushes through and ended up going through a few sets in one term.  Good brushes aren't cheap XD

  8. At last, remember to RECYCLE! :)

  9. For your health: Please...PLEASE especially if you're a messy artist wash your hands after drawing before you eat! Sometimes I worry for my classmates who eats their lunch while their hand is completely covered in charcoal >_<.  (Dirty hands irritates me to no end LOL)

Any ideas on recycling specifically for Artists are welcomed :) Or if you have comments, questions or concerns about the list I have up there also let me know buzz_fuzzie@hotmail.com

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